What is Black Garlic

What is Black Garlic
The?black garlic?and name fermentation black garlic is born with fresh garlic, with the skin in the fermenting box in 60 to 90 days after fermentation made of food, the black garlic of trace element content is higher, taste sweet and sour, without garlic smell. As anti-oxidation, acidification effect, especially suitable for the three tenors crowd, and cancer patients.
The black garlic and garlic, a black fermented black garlic, is to use fresh raw garlic, with skin wet high temperature in the fermenting box fermentation in 60 ~ 90 day, make its natural fermented make food, it raw garlic in the reserved original ingredients, and on the basis of raw garlic to of antioxidation, improve the acidification efficacy several times, and a lot of raw garlic itself into a human proteins necessary for every day of the 18 kinds of amino acids, and then quickly absorbed by human body, to enhance human immunity, restore the human body fatigue, keep the human body health played the role of positive role, and taste sweet and sour, after food without garlic taste, fire is readily availability of health food. We know that garlic itself is very good health food, and the role of the black garlic is amazing. To diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, cancer have very significant control efficacy.
The black garlic has a very high nutritional &#118alue, inspection agency detect the report shows: fresh garlic every 100 g contains moisture content 63.8 g, 7.2 g sugar, protein 5.2 g and 10.2 g fat, calcium 10 mg, p 12.5 mg, iron 1.3 mg, vitamin B10.29 mg, vitamin B20.06 mg, Nick acid 0.8 mg, vitamin C and mg, in addition, it also contains magnesium and other trace elements and so on, these are the human body essential nutrients. And the black garlic every 100 g contains moisture content 43.6 g, heat 1100 KJ, 41.4 g sugar, protein 10.4 g and 5.1 g fat, calcium and magnesium 52 mg, mg, iron 2.1 mg, sodium, potassium, 36 mg 930 mg, zinc 1.4 mg vitamin B610.726 mg, vitamin B20.126 mg, nicotinic acid 10.048 mg, etc, can see from this, the black garlic than garlic water, fat and other significantly reduce, trace elements have significantly improved, and the sugar, protein, vitamin and so on, at least for garlic of more than two times, therefore, the black garlic has the rich, even can improve human body essential nutrients to function.
Nutritional &#118alue
The black garlic and garlic nutrition comparison of the content of garlic is rich in nutrition, inspection agency detect the report shows: fresh garlic every 100 g contains moisture content 63.8 g, heat 577.39 kJ, 7.2 g sugar, egg
The black garlic nutrients (1 a) white matter 5.2 g, fat 0.2 g, 10 mg calcium, phosphorus, 12.5 mg, iron 1.3 mg, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.29 mg 0.06 mg, Nick acid 0.8 mg, vitamin C and mg, in addition, it also contains magnesium and other trace elements and so on, these are the human body essential nutrients. And the black garlic every 100 g contains moisture content 53.6 g, heat 1100 KJ, 41.4 g sugar, protein 10.4 g and 5.1 g fat, calcium and mg, iron 2.1 mg, magnesium 52 mg, sodium and mg, k 930 mg, zinc 1.4 mg, vitamin B6 10.726 mg, vitamin B2 0.126 mg, nicotinic acid 10.048 mg, etc.
So the black garlic can be eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, solve constipation, protect liver, improve activity, promote sleep and prostate DuoZhong function. Prevent cancer ¡¡¨¨ ¡¡¨¨ strengthen control blood sugar organs of special effects food is the best of the best garlic anticancer from ancient Egypt since, garlic is because is nourishing and strengthening and relieve fatigue and effects of the food is thought of, in 1990 the United States national cancer institute publication “Designer Foods Program” in garlic for prevention of cancer the most effective and is listed in the 48 common cancer is the head of the food. At the same time, it can reduce the cholesterol in the blood of the redundant and sugar, also can adjust the gastric bowel peristalsis. The smell of garlic garlic consists mainly of allicin, allicin and vitamin B1 phase formed by the combination of called the garlic thiamin components have relieve fatigue, promote the decomposition of the efficacy of sugar, control blood sugar up; At the same time in the fine grain garlic is called the organic sulfide can activate cells, and can help vitamin B1 will sugar into energy, has the fatigue lifted, enhance physical strength and curative effect. In addition, which is called the inorganic selenium nutrients has powerful eliminate various kinds of life habit the root of the disease-the role of reactive oxygen species. Will allicin heating 25-100 ¡æ to create called garlic ene (Spanish ajoene) of sulfur compounds (has the characteristics of oil will melt) composition, and its control blood sugar and sugar into energy effect more. Modern medical research proves, garlic set 100 DuoZhong medicinal and health care component in a body, including sulfur volatiles 43 species, vulcanization and sulfonic acid (such as garlic meat) ester 13, amino acids nine and peptide eight, glucoside of 12, of 11 kinds of enzymes. In addition, garlic is unique, the composition of garlic, when it enters the blood becomes allicin when, this kind of allicin even diluted 100000 times can still in the instant kill typhoid bacillus, dysentery bacillus, influenza virus, etc. Allicin and vitamin B1 combination can produce garlic thiamin, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical with the surprise effect. Garlic contains the creatine anhydride is involved in muscle activity indispensable ingredients, the generation of semen have a role, can make the sperm quantity growth, the so-called eat garlic energetic refers to the people. Garlic is also can promote the metabolism, lower cholesterol and triglyceride content, and have lower blood pressure, fall blood sugar role, subject to high blood pressure, high blood fat, arteriosclerosis and diabetes have certain curative effect. Garlic for external use can promote skin blood circulation, remove skin aging cutin layer, soften the skin and enhance its flexibility, still can prevent insolation, prevent melanin deposition, to splash whitening. Research at home and abroad in recent years that garlic can block of nitrosamines carcinogens in the body to the synthesis, so far, the cancer prevention effect in 40 DuoZhong vegetables, fruits, press the pyramids arranged, garlic is located in the tower. In 100 DuoZhong garlic ingredients, including dozens of composition have independent cancer-fighting properties.
Taste sweet and sour no stimulation
The black garlic, no peculiar smell of garlic, but sending out can remind appetite of rich smell. In order to keep a lot of water of garlic, all the production process keeps the wet state, it is the appearance of the fruit. This is because the long time of fermentation and ripe garlic to the protein content in are broken down into amino acid, carbohydrate is broken down to fructose, and complete reserve with garlic, garlic.?
So the black garlic sweet smell, delicious, also can be used as a dessert or dessert to eat. Through the analysis of test results prove food, as a delicious ingredients of the amino acid content, the black garlic than ordinary garlic has increased 2.5 times. The black garlic eat to mouth like jelly after are soft, and after food eaten raw garlic, no peculiar smell of, also won’t produce undesirable stimulation to intestines and stomach.?
Through the fermentation, garlic medicinal effect more enhanced
After fermentation and ripe black garlic with the far superior to the ordinary garlic on health care effect. Especially the powerful adjust blood circulation effect and antioxidant power. Although these effects ordinary garlic also can achieve, but the black garlic in the fermented mature process, strengthening the original in the composition of the inherent power based on the new components and produces, its health effects become more powerful.?
The sterilization, construction to prevent the wall
The black garlic contains allicin has antibacterial effect, it to dozens of popular virus and DuoZhong pathogenic organisms have exterminate action. On the composition of the antiseptic effect is mainly allicin, still have a kind of white oil sex liquid “vulcanization propylene” [(CH2CH2 H2) 2 S]. This kind of allicin even diluted 100000 times can still in the instant kill typhoid bacillus, dysentery bacillus, influenza virus, etc. The black garlic of volatile compounds, leaching solution and allicin in test tubes, DuoZhong pathogenic bacteria to significantly inhibit or kill role. These of sulfur compounds to the corrupt fungi also has the very strong inhibition and exterminate action, and its function is equivalent or better than chemical preservatives strength benzoic acid, the sorbic acid, is now find natural plant in one of the strongest antiseptic.?
Anti-aging, antioxidant neng force is common of 39 times garlic
Antioxidant ability
The human body is the essence of the aging by oxidation, black garlic and the super antioxidant function is its ability to produce extremely good effect more disease of the main reason, also can cause the body to produce the multi-function weakened disease very good health care treatment effect.?
Enhance the immune function
Experiments show that the black garlic fat soluble volatile oil can significantly improve the macrophage phagocytosis function, strengthen the function of the immune system. Allicin has activated by sugar of lipid membrane function, can improve its permeability, making the cell metabolism strengthen, improve the energy, the machine body immunity dint then strengthen. Lysine, serine have improve immune function, vitamin C can also enhance human immunity. The black garlic contains zinc participate in hormone synthesis, improve human immunity.?
Powerful regulate blood sugar level
The black garlic can affect the liver glycogen synthesis, reduce the blood sugar level and increase the plasma insulin levels. One of the allicin can make a normal blood glucose levels drop, the black garlic also contained S-methyl cysteine sulfone follows and S-allyl base cysteine sulfone follows, this contains sulfide can restrain G-6-P enzyme NADPH, prevent insulin damage, have fall blood sugar role. The black garlic in the ErLiuHuaWu also allyl have this effect. The black garlic contain alkaloids, also has the lower blood sugar composition, increasing the function of insulin, the more important is it normal blood sugar leels of no effect. Glycine reduce blood glucose levels, prevention and cure diabetes. Isoleucine have promote insulin secretion, adjust the function of blood sugar.?
Researchers in the animal experiment with 25 g black garlic juice feed for glucose tolerance test rabbit, measure the largest black garlic group blood glucose down &#118alue is 12.4%-1.2%, distilled water control group were 1.8%-0.5%, explain the black garlic to control blood sugar have obvious effect. And they give by four oxygen pyrimidine diabetes rats caused by the mouth absorb the black garlic extract, also showed a black garlic has fall blood sugar role, intake, 2 h blood sugar concentration after its reduced by 17.9% ~ 26.2%. The black garlic regulate blood sugar ability is not simple control, but in the protection of insulin, the initiative will convert sugar can energy, that people with diabetes have the ability of ordinary people like sugar, not oral glucose-lowering drugs, to decide the black garlic than a hypoglycemic products than effect.
This section production methods
With fresh raw garlic, with skin wet high temperature in the fermenting box natural fermentation in 60 to 90 days become namely.?
Someone in the family make, the method is as follows: the clean with the skin fresh garlic in household electric cooker, transferred to heat preservation condition placed 10 ~ 15 days or so.
Editor this period of black garlic applicable people
1, anemia, iron, the calcium. 2, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as. 3, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fat, high blood sugar of. 4, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, the high index. 5, and cancer. 6, alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. 7, stroke, ear stroke, etc. 8, kidney empty, frail, easy tired, spirit who are suffering. 9, the prostate gland disease. 10, diabetes patients. 11, easy to catch a cold one. 12 for the period, the suffering symptoms. 13, want to keep young energetic person. 14 and low immunity crowd, enhance immunity. 15, do the office for a long time, do not exercise the crowd. 16, in the healthy crowd. 17, constipation, the diarrhea
Editor this section should be eating black garlic matters needing attention
It is the flourishing, suggested that Japanese a grain can. Leukaemia and related blood coagulation adverse symptoms, one proposed food.