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Black Garlic in Bag
Package: half-vacuum plastic bag
Standard Package:
size: 56.5cm*41cm*31cm weight:15kg


Black Garlic in Can/ Peeled Black Garlic
Package: half-vacuum plastic can
Standard Package:


Black Garlic Puree
Package: half-vacuum plastic can
Standard Package:


Black Garlic Powder
Black garlic powder Black garlic powder is formed by black garlic grinding, from black garlic powder raw materials division, black garlic powder can be divided into coarse powder and black garlic, black garlic powder, black garlic coarse powder is adopted the black garlic off dry grinding milling, black garlic powder is the use of black garlic dehydration crushing and milling. To differentiate from the black garlic powder pre production process can be divided into AD black garlic powder and FD black garlic powder, garlic after fermentation into black garlic, black garlic to keep the taste of water control in about 50%, in the production of black garlic powder before the need for dehydration of black garlic, after drying and dewatering is made of black garlic pulverized called AD black garlic powder, after black garlic grinding frozen dehydrated made into powder called FD black garlic powder,

Black garlic, also called fermented garlic, lower clofibrate, lower blood sugar, is prized for its supposed antioxidant properties and cancer-preventing compound, good for our health,
Black fermented garlic features:
Purely natural, healthy and green food
Richly containing 18 kinds of amino acids that are essential to the human body
Improves body immunity, especially for the vulnerable
Resisting fatigue and aging effectively
Aid in the recovery of the ailing and elderly
To assist in adjusting the pressure of the blood, blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol
Shelf Life: 24 months

Condition Store: Lucifuge, preservation indoors, cool, dry, cold storage better.
Note: The seal, held custody of the kids can not be satisfied.

Black garlic machine fermenter
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