How to make black garlic at home

How to make black garlic
We all believe that the health, eating black garlic black garlic on the market as a health food and supplements, the price is relatively high, in fact, at home, you can easily make black garlic,
Here I will introduce two black garlic molding method for your reference.
The first method: rapid generation of law
Step 1: Prepare good garlic, three of each head of garlic wrapped in aluminum foil,
Step 2: roasted on the stove above, just like on the street to do the kind of barbecue, 15 minutes,
Step 3: Flip the back and then bake for 15 minutes,
Step 4: steamed, placed in a pressure cooker inside the steam, steam cooked into about 30 minutes,

Note: In the second step, if conditional, can be placed inside the oven baking, aluminum foil, can be placed in a plastic box inside, but slightly lid yo or evaporated dry.
The second method: rice cooker steaming
Step 1: Prepare the garlic, cleaned it and put the rice cooker inside
Step 2: Start heating baking, until the water boils after transferred to the insulating state,15-20 days out,
Step 3: natural fermentation mature, can be placed on the air-dried at room temperature for a few days, the best paper bag, sweet and sour taste to taste
Step 4: you’re done, if you need to save, the best peeling, stored in the refrigerator Remarks: The second step to start may distribute the smell of garlic, the best on the balcony or outdoor, the garlic will gradually disappear after a week,

Comments: The second method of risk, the quality of the rice cooker is the key, if prolonged driving rice cooker, rice cooker can not afford oh, then there are home not to power drops, great risk, but also more expensive electricity If you really want at home, do it yourself, you can buy black garlic Division I professional production equipment, very cheap equipment, benefit for life,