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Black Garlic Powder
Black garlic powder Black garlic powder is formed by black garlic grinding, from black garlic powder raw materials division, black garlic powder can be divided into coarse powder and black garlic, black garlic powder, black garlic coarse powder is adopted the black garlic off dry grinding milling, black garlic powder is the use of black garlic dehydration crushing and milling. To differentiate from the black garlic powder pre production process can be divided into AD black garlic powder and FD black garlic powder, garlic after fermentation into black garlic, black garlic to keep the taste of water control in about 50%, in the production of black garlic powder before the need for dehydration of black garlic, after drying and dewatering is made of black garlic pulverized called AD black garlic powder, after black garlic grinding frozen dehydrated made into powder called FD black garlic powder,

Black garlic powder Uses

Black garlic after grinding into powder after more conducive to digestion and absorption, mainly for high-grade feed additives, flavoring additives, beverage additives, capsules, Black garlic physical indicators

Taste: The taste powder and raw materials are related mainly with the production of dry fermentation black garlic as a raw material, black garlic is generally black in color, but the taste Suanku, wet fermentation process to produce black garlic as a raw material, deep black garlic powder brown, smooth taste, sweet and sour, sweet more than sour, no bitterness,

Color: yellow, brown, dark brown, black, due to the different materials, colors vary widely, black garlic meal partial brown, black garlic powder with dark brown and black garlic points,

Quality Grade: fermentation process is divided according to raw, wet fermentation process to make black garlic black garlic quality than dry fermentation made of black garlic black garlic, FD AD higher quality black garlic black garlic powder,

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