Black garlic’s effect on cance

Black garlic’s effect on cance
Black garlic’s effect on cancer prevention research
Garlic Allium Liliaceae Bu bulbs to plant vegetation, of spicy, warm accessible, lungs, spleen, heart, A in the “Gang of wood on the grass” in there reads: “Daozhi drink rule leaves rfn. Heartache” , garlic has a line of stagnant air, warm the spleen and stomach, eliminate the effect of siltation in the United States National Cancer Institute as the center of the plant food cancer prevention research “Designer Foods Program” report, listing the 40 or so an effective food The towel is the leading garlic,
However, these conclusions are based on the establishment in terms of raw garlic,)} If in 2005 the General Assembly on the world onion, garlic, left BU students the material due to the small stable and how to make the body more efficiently absorb the subject, to be shipped and black garlic Health and is gradually being i}} degrees seriously, black garlic is garlic in certain conditions Xing Tong Bu, after a certain time after fermentation processed garlic) because after fermentation emerged in the black garlic is dry, so called black garlic,) reported, using fermentation process will pass this Xing black garlic garlic can be processed into wood raw garlic into body 18 kinds of proteins can be rapidly absorbed by the body’s essential amino acids the body daily, and has garlic better than the Xing Tong
i}} antioxidant activity of {‘}, so its been in a foreign country)’ a pan used in all kinds of health food sector) on wood experts on revitalizing black garlic’s immune function, antioxidant (anti-active enzymes) , body purification, QOL, and tert-fluid study of indicators, the effectiveness of tests carried out and verified the mainstream of black garlic as a health food supplement for cancer prevention and treatment substitution effect) based on this, the text is on the dark wood in the anti-garlic tumors in garlic black effect of nutrition
Garlic is rich in nutrients were very i}} with the nutritional &#118alue of testing organization reported} i-. Display: per 100 g of fresh garlic with one water 63.8 g, sugar 7.2 g, protein 5.2g,} r} ‘, fat 10.2 g, calcium 10 mg, phosphorus 12.5 mg, iron 1.3 mg, vitamin B, 0.29 mg, vitamin B = 0.06 mg, nicotinic acid, 0.8 m};, vitamin C7 m};, also contains magnesium and other trace elements Wu etc. These are small can or lack of body nutrients) and black garlic per 100 g of water containing 53.6 g, heat 1 100 kJ, sugar 41.4 g, egg} ll} 10.4 g, fat 5.1 b, calcium 13 mg, Magnesium 52 mg, iron 2.1 mg, sodium 36 mg, potassium 930 mg, zinc 1.4 mg, vitamin B}, 10.726 mg, vitamin B = 0.126 mg, 10.048 mg nicotinic acid, etc. These are small can or lack of human nutrition composition, shows that black garlic water, fat content than the people of garlic significantly reduced, trace Wu mention i}} a lot of factors, and protein, sugar, vitamins and other people garlic is at least 2 times, so black garlic has a rich, essential function even mention the nutritional content of the island,
L 2 play the role of cellular senescence protein-rich black garlic towel
Month aimed fat carbohydrate vitamins and minerals, with tert-tube to prevent aging, immune system depression and so on,) and black water-soluble garlic extracts, protein and selenium selenium polysaccharide by free radicals (hydroxy radical) and superoxide radical (snpcroxidc radical) and other reactive oxygen species have strong scavenging ability, anti-aging effect,) garlic acid enzyme (allinasc) and B drunk black garlic extract also has some of the anti-aging effect; “black garlic “in the can and I’4a quality of allicin combined with vitamin E will have the function, namely the prevention of atherosclerosis and anti-aging) vitamins B, 5 with anti-oxidation, prolong cell life; Moonlight acid can promote cell proliferation, detoxifies; black element germanium contained in garlic has anti-aging effect) 1.3 Liver Liver black garlic has a strong role in antioxidant activity, can inhibit lipid peroxidase structural damage to the liver cell membrane and protect the liver) Researchers studying that black garlic in the garlic for the CCl, and galactosamine-induced toxicity in mouse liver cells in liver injury model drought emerged in good cytotoxic activity against liver , allicin in garlic black on CCI, induced liver cells resistant to poisoning, the main active ingredient of garlic acid (allinasc), and trace elements acid S-allyl-half-skin and skin S-methylthio-half acid, the other, black garlic can enhance the liver cells Valley skin skin Gan S-transferase (GSH-S-transfcrasc activity, to mention i}} liver detoxification function, black garlic in the methionine (L-Mcthioninc) can also be prevention of chronic and acute hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver diseases; Screenshot acid and other branched-chain amino acids for liver failure have a good therapeutic effect; alanine, aspartame Thalidomide can enhance liver function, liver protection role of the liver ,
2 Black 2.1 Black garlic is the main component chemical composition of allicin garlic (Allicin), also known as allitridin, is the main biologically active component of garlic in general 121, mainly sulfur compounds, known as natural) ‘a spectrum antibiotics, It is only a small strong bactericidal, antibacterial spectrum) ‘one, and has anti-tumor, reduce cholesterol drunk, anti-rfn. small plates together, liver, prevent heart rfn. vascular disease, lower rfn. pressure
And other physiological effects,) 19 1}}:} Pasteur first found that garlic has antibacterial activity, since studies have shown that garlic has a unique pharmacological activity an easy access to the cell through the lipid membrane, interaction with some retained compounds as to achieve its pharmacological
Garlic contains a reducing sugar 0.14010, 3.790} 0 sucrose, starch, 8.22010, dextrin 7.690} 0, polysaccharide content of the i}}} is about 51.0010, black garlic contains a variety of nutrients, mainly amino acids, month too, protein, enzymes, Xu, vitamins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates and sulfur compounds, etc.) on the black garlic contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including the human body in almost all essential amino acids, of which the most abundant are: glutamic acid, arginine, aspartic acid, captures acid) vitamin black garlic are vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C}, black garlic in most of the trace element content of phosphorus and potassium, Qici as magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, silicon, vl} and zinc, also contain selenium, germanium, etc., to maintain human life on the importance of the activities,) black garlic sulfur compounds unique to the black garlic has been considered in the the main biologically active substances) In addition, black garlic contains allicin, in addition to classes, amino acids, vitamins outside the class also reducing sugar (mainly glucose and fructose), sucrose, polysaccharides, etc.) 2.2 black garlic compounds Black garlic compounds up to two dozen, there are 11 main superfluous: 3,3 – thio-1-propylene, an allyl a single sulfur oxides (one garlic capsaicin, CH2 = CH-CH2-SOSCH2 -CH = CH2, traits very small stable, easy to self-condense A stubble-ene, but also uy were garlic-ene, a cool allyl thio acid), allyl methyl sulfide (CH3-SC H2-CH = CH2), 1-methyl-2-propyl-a-3-methoxy sulfide hexane, ethylene, “1,3} – microphone alkyl, S, S an n-propyl thioacetate a cool, one en- propyl a sulfide (who allicin DiaLlyldi-sulfide, CH2 = CH-CH2-SS-CH2-CH = CH2), a propenyl disulfide (garlic new human factors, CH2 = CH-CH2-SSS-CH2- CH = CH2), an allyl tetrasulfide (C H2 = CH-C H2-SSSSC H2-CH = C H2), an allyl thiosulfate I’4 purpose (CH2 = CH-CH2-S02- S-CH2-CH =
3 black and anti-tumor effect of garlic Research
3.1 bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect in black garlic were allicin (allicin) and propylene sulfide liquid white grease (CH2CH2CH2-that is, from the bactericidal effect of the main component of black people allicin containing garlic with a towel) ‘a spectrum of its antimicrobial effects meningococcal meningitis virus, influenza virus, encephalitis virus, hepatitis virus, can cause severe cryptococcal meningitis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Candida, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus, A Miba parasite, Trichomonas vaginalis, Rickettsia, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, Vibrio cholerae and other pathogenic microorganisms have bactericidal effect) black garlic on experimental studies have shown that black garlic volatiles, leaching solution and allicin in vitro on a variety of pathogenic bacteria have a significant inhibitory or bactericidal effect,) black garlic sulfur compounds in the bactericidal effect even stronger live rfn. A preservative benzoic acid, sorbic acid, etc., is a natural plant before the strongest antibacterial effect in a flat,
3.2 direct anti-tumor effect black garlic can block the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamines, thus inhibiting growth of cancer cells, killing of cancer cells play a role) research shows that black garlic in ethane sulfonic acid B I’4a thio and diallyl trisulfide from various nitrosamines in the stomach, blocking the formation and accumulation; black garlic is a strong element of anti-cancer trace element germanium, can inhibit the carcinogenic nitrosamines, played anti-cancer , anti-cancer effect, black garlic is one of the main components of allicin, the study shows that allicin can increase the permeability of tumor cells, causing cell membrane damage) allicin into the role of tumor cells in the nucleus, the destruction of mitotic nucleus, so that the collapse of chromosomes, the nuclear mass overflow, leading to tumor cell death) Wu Shaoxiong allicin and other i5 i in skin tumors in mice bladder anti-tumor effect and mechanism of the experimental study, assessed by the MTT assay of allicin direct cytotoxic activity, animal experiments showed that allicin in the body have significant anti-tumor effect, and with the LDH release method to measure the cytotoxic activity showed that allicin for bladder skin cancer has a direct cytotoxic effect, and allicin treatment produced for B,}, tumor cells, lymphocytes,) Han Liying, etc. u} i observed allicin on cultured human white rfn. disease cell line K562 cell proliferation and apoptosis, the results of 0.1-5.0 mg / L allicin inhibit the growth of K562 cells, induce apoptosis) In addition, selenium’s antioxidant capacity is Bureau, can prevent over-oxidation of i1 cells play a protective membrane to increase immunity, inhibit cancer effect) in the amino acid phenylalanine can inhibit the growth of cancer, vitamin A, vitamin C has anti-cancer effect, one can mention Bureau of immunity, on the other hand to capture singlet oxygen and free radicals, researchers in vitro to a small crop of the same concentration of A deal with three kinds of allyl with small tumor cells and found that A crop-ene on the IL-60, MG. -803 And Molt-4 cells were three kinds of tumor-induced apoptosis has a significant role
3.3 Ping Qiao and other oxidation wish i; i of 144 mice were randomly divided into aging
Control group, model group, positive control group (V. Group), black garlic low-dose group ((65 mg / kg), black garlic dose (260 mg / kg), black garlic i}} dose (650 mg / kg, white garlic, low-dose group (65 mg / kg), white garlic dose group (260 m stay kg), white garlic
Bureau dose group (650 mg / kg) of 9 group, 30 d after the intervention, the Australian-based oil-fed mice, screen, making oxidative damage model, the mice were measured rf}. Fluid, liver tissue MDA and superoxide dismutase (SOD), Gu Gan skin skin peroxidase (GSH-Px) activity, the results of black garlic can significantly reduce rfn. fluid and liver tissue MDA, tissue mention i}} in the activity of antioxidant enzymes, reduced MDA black garlic and put i}} GSH-Px activity was significantly better in the role of white garlic and positive
Control,) Conclusion: Black garlic has strong antioxidant activity, anti-oxidation was significantly better than white garlic) treatment from the recent scene of the most cutting-edge reports indicate that “black garlic” of nearly 90,010 types of symptoms than medical products play a superior effect,)
3.4 to enhance immune function animal experiments showed that the “black garlic” in the fat-soluble essential oil can significantly put i}} macrophages (macrophage) of phagocytic function, with enhanced rabbit immune system function, LiL; etc. iii found that garlic oil on Th 1 / Th2 cytokine balance has a dual effect of low doses can mention i}} Thl-type T-cell immune response: Bureau dose to mention i}; Th2-type immune response) induced by allicin has the role of human lymphocytes, and With increasing concentration of allicin Bureau, along with the frequency of lymphocyte activity rose Bureau shows that allicin can enhance human immunity,) foreign scholars through experimental studies have shown that allicin on neutrophil chemotaxis, phagocytosis and killing are small with the extent ini, the study shows that allicin can increase the number of spleen antibody-forming cells and significantly enhance the humoral immune function in animals,) In addition, garlic contains black Lai acid, amine play Bureau of acid have to mention immune function, vitamin C can also enhance the body’s immune system, zinc black garlic in hormone synthesis, improve the body’s immune system, visible, black garlic can significantly improve the Bureau of the human cellular immune function, body fluids non-specific immune function and immune function, to mention Bureau immunity,
In summary, we can see a period of discovery of tumor can be removed by surgery; However, most BU patients had tumor has been diagnosed to mid-or late surgery alone and small to completely solve the problem, only a supplementary drug, chemical treatment) and good response to conventional chemotherapy very small, drug into the body after the “indiscriminate killing innocent people”, in addition to killing cancer cells, it also kills the body’s normal cells, resulting in lower immune function Bu and other issues,
Chinese medicine is multi-directional, multi-channel, multi-target for anti-cancer cancer that) black garlic in the inhibition of tumor at the same time, also played a mention Bureau of immune, antioxidant, scavenging free radicals, lowering rf}. Fat rf} Sugar and other regulatory function} sentence, is in line with Chinese medicine advocated by the “ounce of treating disease” concept,
Black garlic is receiving) ‘a pan-focus, clinical application)’ a wide, however, black garlic on anti-tumor mechanism and effective single component of basic research is still small,}! C} to be a scientific approach to strengthening the study of black garlic made more of a cat cancer patients,