black garlic machine



3000kg black garlic machine
Material: sus304 & 316,
Controller: Smart Touch Screen
Power:110v, 240v,380v,
Insulating: Polyurethane foam & Fiber glass

First, product use:
1. This machine provides anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion environment, especially for the environment of disulfide, trisulfide and tetrasulfide produced by garlic fermentation, resistance to material changes and strong reduction degree; the machine is also under high temperature and high humidity. In the case of shrinkage, this machine is specially used in the food processing industry and meets food grade requirements
Second, meet the standards:
Performance indicators meet GB5170
Third, the control methods and characteristics: Balanced temperature control system (BTHC), P.I.D. way to control the SSR so long-term and stable use.
3.1 Dimensions: Based on the actual object, slightly adjusted according to the actual situation
3.2 intelligent controller: intelligent touch screen, remote online monitoring
3.3 Power Supply: AC single-phase three-wire and four-wire 380V power; 32KW (according to the actual situation)
3.4 Control range:
Fourth, structural design:
4.1. Inner box material: 316 stainless steel plate; bottom plate 2.0, side plate 1.5
4.2. Carton material: 304 stainless steel;
4.3. Stratospheric Structure Design: Effectively avoid condensation on the top of the box;
4.4. Insulation layer: Insulation insulation layer (hard Polyurethane foam or glass wool, 10MM thick);
4.5. Doors: Flat-mounted handles.
4.6. Observation window: Insulating glass, easy to observe the use of the test sample. Expand the window frame to prevent glass breakage
4.7. Anti-sweat design of window: Electric heating device to prevent water condensation (optional);
4.8. Fermentation Detection Port: Attached with silicone foam plug to prevent steam loss and standard detection, reducing power consumption
Fifth, the circulatory system:
5.01. Heating system: finned heat pipe type 316 stainless steel electric heater;
5.02. Stainless steel generator (with saturated wet fast characteristics);
5.03. Circulatory system: special moisture-proof and heat-dissipating design, 304 stainless steel extended axis circulation motor, with high-resistant, multi-wing blades;
5.04. Air deflector design: It can be installed and adjusted to ensure uniform distribution of temperature, humidity and pressure;
5.05. Control method: Balancing temperature control system (BTHC), controlling SSR by P.I.D.
Sixth, humidity supply water system:
6.01. Water Supply Units: Water supply to tanks;
6.02. Wastewater Discharge System: Condensed wastewater is discharged outside the tank through a dedicated pipeline;
Seven, moisture removal system:
7.01. Dehumidification and heating load adjustment: Manual dehumidification system can be independently programmed to intermittently regulate the motor (optional),
Eight, control system:
8.1 controller: intelligent touch screen can be remotely monitored
Color smart touch screen, fault-free manual detection reminder, real-time alarm fault point prompt
(1) Introduction: Chinese and English liquid crystal display LCD touch panel, screen dialogue type input data, data parameters can be programmed at the same time, 17 segments of backlight adjustable, curve display, set value / display value curve. Multiple alarms can be displayed separately. When a fault occurs, faults can be displayed on the screen, eliminating faults and eliminating misoperations. Multiple sets of PID control functions, precision monitoring functions, and data display on the screen.
(2) Screen display function:
a. Screen Talk data input, touch the screen directly
b. Direct display of temperature and humidity settings (SV) and actual (PV) values ​​(in Chinese and English)
c. The currently executing program number, segment number, remaining time and cycle number can be displayed
d. Operation cumulative time function
e. Temperature and humidity program setting values ​​are displayed as graph curves, and real-time display of program curve execution functions
f. with a separate program editing screen, direct input temperature and humidity and time
g. with upper and lower standby and alarm functions with 9 sets of P.I.D parameter settings, P.I.D automatic calculation, wet and dry ball automatic correction.
(3) Program capacity and control functions:
a. Available program groups: 120 groups
b. The number of blocks that can be used: a total of 1200 segments
c. repeatable command: up to 999 times per command
d. The production of the program adopts the dialogue mode, with the functions of editing, clearing, inserting, etc.
e. Block time setting 0 ~ 99 Hour59Min
f. With power-off program memory, automatically start and continue to execute program functions after power-on
g. The graphical curve can be displayed in real time during program execution
h. With date, time adjustment, appointment start, shutdown function and screen lock (LOCK) function
X. Other requirements:
Recorder Online Software Large Glass Window Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
10.04. Atmospheric pressure: 86 to 106 Kpa
10.05. There is no strong vibration around
10.06. Direct sunlight or direct exposure to other heat sources
10.07. Natural drainage outlets: ※ The drain pipe must not be raised in the middle, and the floor of the house must not be extremely inclined.
Eleven, humidification water supply conditions: resistivity of not less than 500MΩ / M of pure water
XII. Projects Excluding Valuation:
13.01. Preparation for setting up a site;
13.02. Input side electrical equipment;
13.03. Input side electrical wiring works;
13.04. Natural drainage piping works;
13.05. Outfall equipment;
Note: The above is only as a test standard, if the device has no related components, it can be ignored. If the company needs to upgrade and replace as needed, no further notice will be given.