Black garlic essence enzyme

Black garlic essence enzyme
More and more modern diseases of civilization, the ages growing down, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer has no longer a monopoly of the old. The drug abuse constantly accident causing bodily News are endless.
From now on good edible black garlic extract enzymes to take good care of the maintenance of the health of themselves and their families.
Natural to increase the positive energy of the body and accelerate the body’s self-healing force and defense force.
The regimen King – black garlic extract enzymes
Garlic and foreign unanimously respected health food
In addition to the the garlic itself the most powerful anti-inflammatory antibacterial allicin,
The U.S. National Cancer Institute, but also because of the rich sulfides in garlic and respected, garlic forty-eight kinds of food products, health effects, one of the best anti-cancer foods.
Garlic fermented cooked into a special technique after 30 to 45 days,
18 amino acids converted into the body will need to make itself a protein.
The 18 kinds of amino acids produced by hydrolyzing the amino acid can be immediately absorbed by the body.
While the SOD activity of the original 10 to 15 times the antioxidant activity of 15 to 20 times, in a report to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, the list of 40 effective natural health food, which the premier is “garlic . ”
The human body to be healthy and accept a variety of pressures and challenges must rely on immunity,
The immune system stronger to rely on nutrition and exercise.
The “divine-X black garlic fine. Enzyme” and “Divine-X black garlic tea
Rich in the human body needs 18 amino acids, and amino acids contained hydrolyzed amino acids can be absorbed immediately powerful effect of nutritional supplements and health products saint of modern indispensable.
Garlic natural antibiotic called long out of the earth,
In this era of the proliferation of antibiotics,
Garlic is the best choice to replace chemical antibiotics.
In Japan black garlic has been popular for decades,
Japanese maintenance preferred.
But the whole black garlic consumption skinned
Sometimes the size of the garlic also cited rang situation fermentation
Sometimes be too hard or too soft, causing the difference in the taste.
So in recent years to turn black garlic black garlic extract enzymes upgrade
How do I upgrade it?
Black garlic by hand first undress (peeled)
Then use the professional special machines juiced,
Then packed into a small package after stand for fermentation.
Black garlic extract enzymes for the current health of the modern
In fact, the most time-saving and money recipe.
Because hydrolytic enzymes which the black garlic extract, amino acids,
Without going through the gastrointestinal absorption can begin from the mouth.
For the stomach of poor people is a great boon.
Because the printing of health food and then how to eat or to go through the gastrointestinal absorption
Greatly reduced after digestion enzymes,
Itself gastrointestinal poor condition even worse.
Started directly from the oral absorption fine black garlic enzyme
Nutritional hundred percent absorption.
Save time every day as long as the morning on an empty stomach one pack
Let you full all day nutrition and vitality.
Save money, printing a black garlic asking price of at least one hundred yuan takeoff
Partly because the teeth to
Looks good enough weight to be sure to pick one a sell.
Two to three black garlic only way a bag made of black garlic extract enzymes
A pack of black garlic extract enzymes Taiwan price, but only one hundred dollars.
Cheaper than black garlic.
A small package of the equivalent of two to three black garlic nutrients.
Black garlic extract enzymes eat:
Get up an empty stomach to make up a full day of basic nutrition
Assist the body repair at night before going to bed to eat
Three meals a day after meals waste assist the body’s metabolism to help speed up the discharge
PS: it was a pack a day spirit is very excited to eat it is recommended that early in the morning or before noon
Was one day a couple of packets reaction is relatively slow because of the wear and tear before the body is too serious
At least eating enzymes the stamina must become good morning, get up work will not be tired