Black Garlic as Medicine

Black Garlic as Medicine
Black garlic in the specific performance
Should better medicinal effect
Fermented black garlic to have fatigue, cold feeling, high blood fat disease patients have very good effect
More strong antioxidant should force
Fermented black garlic to the SOD activity of ordinary garlic 10 times. Antioxidant content of polyphenols also is common of garlic to 10 times
The effective protection should brain and the heart, inhibit atherosclerosis
Fermented black garlic have promote blood flow unimpeded action. Protect the brain and heart. The S-black garlic propylene and homocysteine can prevent reactive oxygen species and harmful cholesterol, and the combination of can be powerful inhibit atherosclerosis and the occurrence of myocardial infarction.
Should eliminate shoulder acid and waist pain
Because there is a very powerful antioxidant force, also can with reactive oxygen species of related spots and wrinkles, skin is dry and the less the symptom such as white hair to try to improve.
Graduate from professional cancer prevention and fighting against cancer
Fermented black garlic is more than normal garlic anti-cancer effects, not direct role in cancer cells, but rather through improve human immunity of cancer cells, thus achieved the anti-cancer effect.
Should a strong antiseptic effect
Fermented black garlic can prevent seasonal cold and flu, pneumonia, rhinitis infection such as disease.
Should the taste of good
Taste sweet and sour, and delicious, the appearance of approximate preserved fruit. Flay skin can be eaten.