Benefits of Black Garlic

Benefits of Black Garlic
Garlic has been considered a valuable healing agent for thousands of years in ancient China and Egypt. Even today, it is commonly used for its medicinal benefit throughout the world, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia.
Cited from ancient Chinese saying, ¡¡ãgarlic has a hundred medical uses, but possess one bad effect£¬Garlic contains high sulphurous compound, therefore taking too much raw garlic are harmful to the eyes.
The Natural Antibiotic ¡¡ìC Modern science find the antibiotic properties are a direct result of the allicin produced from crushed fresh raw garlic. The chemical property of allicin can be destroyed by ageing or cooking, cooked garlic has virtually no antibiotic &#118alue, although it still retains other benefits.
Although many people might thought Black Garlic or Fermented garlic has a long history, it is actually a relatively new product produced by the fermentation.A technique that has been developed by a Japanese researcher in 2003.
Black Garlic is produce by enzymatic fermentation of regular garlic. Sugars and amino acids, present in fresh garlic, turn into substance called melanoidin, which gives it a black color. Fermentation is a natural process that is done under high temperatures with the correct humidity that lasts for from 60 to 90 days. During the process, fermentation also changes the ingredients in black garlic and its taste. Generally, it tastes much sweeter than fresh garlic. No additives or preservatives were used during the fermentation process. The end product, black garlic is a super and healthy food. It can be put in all kinds of food and it has become very popular in restaurants and households in Asia and Europe especially in USA.
A black garlic a day, keeps the doctor away
Take 3-5 cloves a day (before or after food)