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Black garlic adjustment of sub-health



(Daqing Branch, Daqing, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, 163316)
Abstract: In this paper, through the introduction of the concept and the performance of sub-health symptoms and susceptible populations, focus on healthy food black garlic opsonization symptoms of sub-health provides a new way for modulating sub-health.
1 - health
The 1.1 subhealth concept
So-called sub-health state, the World Health Organization (WHO), the body no organic disease, but some functional changes between critical state between health and disease, the condition is called "third state", China's known as the "Asian health status. " The human body in a healthy condition, there will be all kinds of discomfort, but through a variety of instruments and test results were negative. This is a new medical theories, new concepts.
Of ancient Chinese medicine theory, the meaning of "illness" and "disease" is different. "Illness" is imperceptibly small maladies, if you do not take effective measures will be developed to the extent of the visible, will be referred to as "sick". This state of suffering from diseases of modern science and the so-called "sub-health" or "state", "disease" in Chinese medicine.
"Disease" is not a disease, is not visible serious illness, according to the terms of the Chinese medicine point of view is that the body has the imbalance of yin and yang, qi and blood, organs camp David. Our ancestors have long realized, actively looking addition to illness of law with the disease, but also accumulated many disease prevention measures. "Yellow Emperor" of the day: "saints died has been ill for treating disease, taking medicine until husband disease, has become a mess and then rule Pi Utah Keer Chuanjing, bucket and cast soldiers, not also late almost?" By This can be clearly seen that our ancestors have been aware of the disease should not rain silk tassels, precautionary measure
1.2 subhealth causes
The formation of sub-health with modern society, people's unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to the social pressure increasing direct relationship, but also social development, science and human living standards to improve the product. White-collar workers is the main population of sub-health, due to the intense work and life pressure, can easily cause double white-collar sectors of physiological and psychological fatigue. According to statistics, about 70% of the young and middle-aged intellectuals in a healthy condition. There are more than 85% of business managers in chronic sub-health state. The World Health Organization has organized a global survey results show that only 5% of the true health of people, people suffering from diseases accounted for 20%, and 75% of people in sub-health state. Health Care Technology Institute International of traditional medicine and health research will also through in-depth investigation of the sub-health status in the Chinese population, subhealth rate is 75.31%, and 73.49% in Shanghai, and Guangdong is 73.41%. Thus, sub-health threat to humans has been to the extent of non-control not.
1.3 subhealth symptoms
Prevalence of sub-health population six high and one low, high load (mental and physical), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high body weight, immune function is low. Sub-health state is a lot of the early signs of the disease, such as hepatitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and so on. Therefore, the sub-health state should attract people's attention. The response should be taken according to the sub-health condition, in the sub-health conditioning comprehensive modulating.
The 1.4 subhealth consequences
Sub-health is a critical state in the sub-health state, although there is no clear disease, in addition to the fatigue and discomfort, not life-threatening. But a decline in spiritual vitality and adaptability, this state can not get timely corrective to enter the "hidden clinical status, have shown to develop into the risk of certain diseases tendency lurks to the development of a disease height possible. More than 1/3 of the population over the age of 40, in the crowd, in such proportion increased sharply. Very prone to psychosomatic illness, such as: psychological disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, sexual function decline, fatigue, inability to concentrate, feelings of irritability, insomnia, digestive disorders, loss of appetite, abdominal distension , palpitation, chest tightness, constipation, diarrhea, feeling very tired, even Yusi feeling. If you hit a highly stimulated, stay up all night, tantrums, stress state, it is prone to sudden death, "death from overwork". "Karoshi" - a disease, non-physiological state of the labor process, the normal work of the law and the law of life destroyed, the body fatigue siltation and overwork state transfer, so that the blood pressure elevated, arteriosclerosis exacerbated turn fatal.
2. Subhealth the conditioning
2.1 conventional conditioning method
To get rid of sub-health troubles, it should guarantee a reasonable diet and balanced nutrition. Which vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients for the body, the human body can not synthesize vitamins and minerals, and vitamin B group, C, E, calcium and iron are particularly important to the human body, eat more foods containing vitamin a carotene such as eel , carrots can relieve eye fatigue. Insomnia, irritability, forgetfulness, eat foods rich in calcium, phosphorus foods. More calcium such as soy milk, oranges, oysters, phosphorus such as spinach, chestnuts, grapes, chicken, potatoes, eggs. The day should be appropriate to supplement multidimensional elements tablets; to adjust mental state and maintain a positive, optimistic; timely adjust the patterns of life, work and rest, to ensure adequate sleep; increase in outdoor physical exercise activities, to ensure a certain amount of exercise a day.
Opsonization 2.2 black garlic on the sub-health
2.2.1 The concept of black garlic
Black garlic is garlic food placed in high temperature and humidity of the heating equipment conversion treatment for 30 days, so that it naturally turns black and made of fresh raw garlic, skin or peeling. It looks like candied fruits taste like jelly, sweet and sour. Not only removing the the raw garlic unpleasant odor and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, without changing the garlic original effective nutrients
. 2.2.2 the origin of black garlic
Black garlic products first appeared in the northern tip of Honshu, Japan Aomori Prefecture. The area has a small amount of garlic planting. South of Aomori Prefecture, Japan is located in the middle zone of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Japan, excellent snowfall climate. The snow very high vitamin-rich, snow kind of garlic from Aomori Prefecture use of special methods of cultivation, with ordinary garlic spicy, it has the sweetness of the fruit, regardless of the quality and taste excellent. After the garlic in minerals is extremely rich deep seawater immersion in a certain temperature and humidity fermented for 40 days into black garlic, sugar content of about 40 degrees, with a sense of sweet fruit. The far infrared special practices to eliminate the smell of garlic. Replaced by the smell of garlic extract. So even eat garlic, do not worry there will be garlic smell. 2.2.3 black garlic nutrients Research
Study black garlic and fresh garlic compared with higher nutritional value. The test results are shown in Table 1
Table 1 black garlic and fresh garlic Comparison of nutritional value (per 100g)





水分          g



糖            g



蛋白质        g



脂肪          g



钙           mg



磷           mg



铁           mg



维生素B1     mg



维生素B2     mg



尼克酸       mg



维生素C      mg



热量         KJ



镁           mg



钠           mg



钾           mg



锌           mg



B6           mg



烟酸         mg



It can be seen that black garlic significantly reduced than garlic, such as moisture, fat, trace elements has improved significantly, while proteins, sugar, vitamins, etc., at least more than 2 times the garlic, also contains magnesium and other trace elements such as these are essential human nutrients.
Therefore, black garlic has a rich, essential even can improve the function of nutrients.
2.2.4 efficacy of black garlic and composition strength regulate blood sugar levels, control blood sugar
The main component of garlic in the garlic is allicin, the combination of allicin and vitamin B1 the formation called garlic thiamine ingredients to relieve fatigue, promote the decomposition efficacy of carbohydrate, control the rise in blood sugar; increase in garlic called antheridiogen organic sulfides can activate cells, vitamin B1 can help the sugar into energy, relieve fatigue, enhance physical effect. In addition, inorganic nutrient called selenium has the strength to eliminate the root causes of a variety of lifestyle-related diseases - the role of reactive oxygen species.
The allicin heating 25-100 ℃ generate the sulfur compounds (chara
cteristics) can melt fat ingredient called garlic ene (Spanish ajoene), control blood sugar and sugar into energy effect.
Black garlic can affect the synthesis of glycogen in the liver to reduce their blood sugar levels and increase plasma insulin levels. Wherein allicin can make a normal blood glucose levels drop, black garlic further containing S-methyl-L-cysteine ​​sulfoxide and S-allyl-cysteine ​​sulfoxide, sulfide-containing inhibit G-6 -P enzyme NADPH, to prevent the destruction of insulin, hypoglycemic effect. The black garlic diallyl disulfide this role. Black garlic contains alkaloids, but also the composition having a lower blood glucose, increase insulin function, the more important is its normal glucose values ​​no effect. Glycine to reduce blood glucose levels in the blood, prevention and treatment of diabetes. Isoleucine promote insulin secretion, and the regulation of blood sugar.
Researchers in animal experiments with 25g black garlic juice rabbit fed glucose tolerance test, black garlic group the largest decrease in serum glucose measured value of 12.4% ± 1.2%, distilled water control group compared with 1.8% ± 0.5%, description of black garlic have a demonstrable effect on the control of blood glucose. They gave from alloxan-induced diabetic rats after oral intake of black garlic extract also shows that black garlic hypoglycemic effect, intake 2h glucose concentration decreased from 17.9% to 26.2%.
The regulation of blood sugar capacity of the black garlic is not a simple control, but in the protection of insulin, take the initiative to convert sugars can energy, so that people with diabetes have the ordinary people of sugar, rather than drugs hypoglycemic black garlic to determine non-general hypoglycemic products comparable efficacy. lowering blood lipids, dissolve clots
Garlic the ene (Spanish ajoene) is a unique component of black garlic. Strong antithrombotic break down fat, inhibit cholesterol production, to improve brain activity and the prevention of many chronic diseases, and other effects. anti-oxidation, anti-aging
The results show that amino acids and carbohydrates in the garlic Maillard reaction occurs in the heating process, resulting in a brown-black melanoidins gives black garlic brown black color. Melanoidins at the same time has good antioxidant properties of substances and antioxidant properties of black garlic than garlic have greatly improved. Antioxidant damage function of more than 300 kinds of food compared the antioxidant capacity of black garlic top the antioxidant capacity of ordinary garlic 39 times, 10 times the polyphenol content than raw garlic. Super antioxidant polyphenols, anti-aging, enhance immunity. The essence of human aging is oxidation, black garlic is a super antioxidant function is that it can produce very good results, mainly due to more illnesses, very good at the same time also can cause disease and weakened body multifunctional health treatment. enhance immune function, cancer prevention
The experiment shows that black garlic in the fat-soluble volatile oil can significantly improve macrophage phagocytic function, strengthen the immune system. Allicin activation function of the cell membrane glycolipid, can increase its permeability, cell metabolism strengthened to improve vitality, increases the strength of immunity. Lysine, serine have to improve the function of the immune system, vitamin C can enhance the body's immune system. Black garlic contains zinc involved in hormone synthesis, and improve the body's immune system. Column garlic for cancer prevention is the most effective in the first of 48 kinds of anti-cancer food. sterilization, the construction of disease prevention wall
Black garlic contains allicin has broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect, it dozens of popular virus and a variety of pathogenic microorganisms have a role in the killing. The main components from the bactericidal effect is allicin, a white greasy liquid propylene sulfide [(CH2CH2 H2) 2S]. Even if this allicin able to instantly kill Salmonella typhi, Shigella, influenza virus was diluted 10 times. The black garlic volatile substances leaching solution and allicin in vitro on a variety of pathogens have significantly inhibit or kill. These sulfur compounds on corruption fungi have strong inhibitory and killing effect, its role in the strength equivalent to or even stronger than the chemical preservative benzoic acid, sorbic acid, a natural plant found the strongest antibacterial effect. prevention of cardiovascular disease
After a long period of fermentation and cooked so that the protein is broken down to amino acids, carbohydrates are broken down to fructose contained in garlic, garlic contained alliin and intact. Food analysis, check the results prove that, as a delicious ingredient amino acid content than ordinary garlic, black garlic increased 2.5 times. The free amino acid content of black garlic is 1.5 times that of raw garlic. Free amino acids are more easily absorbed by the body, S-allyl cysteine ​​ingredients prevention of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and atherosclerosis effect.
2.2.5 pleasant mood, reduce stress
Black garlic is a special fermentation process, with the selection of raw garlic processing. Sweet and sour fermented black garlic taste delicious to eat as a snack or dessert, eat mouth like jelly soft, gives rise to a very pleasant feeling as snack food, and reduce stress. But can also play a lowering blood pressure, weight loss, and food not eaten raw garlic peculiar odor, nor will the gastrointestinal adverse stimulus.
3. Summary
Black garlic after fermentation and maturation, with far above the ordinary garlic over health effects. Especially powerful adjust blood circulation effect and antioxidant capacity. Although these effects ordinary garlic can also be achieved, but the black garlic during the fermentation process of maturation, strengthened the original inherent component forces based on a new component, and its health effects become more powerful.
Medical research shows that black garlic anti-aging, anti-oxidation, enhance immune function ordinary garlic 10 in the prevention and treatment of cancer, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, diabetes physical recovery, anti-fatigue, prevention and treatment of influenza, anti-thrombosis The effect of cholesterol-lowering treatment of constipation, insomnia, etc.. This product is particularly suitable for all kinds of difficult diseases, chronic diseases, diabetes, cancer, postoperative adjuvant therapy and physical recovery, but also applies to sub-health population, the working the onerous population fatigue high, and other groups of immunocompromised physical functional recovery.
Shows that for the high load of sub-health (mental and physical), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high weight, low immune function "for six high and one low" symptoms, black garlic is a very effective modulating goods, of people in sub-health state is indeed a preferred conditioning and Chief leisure decompression ideal food. References
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