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New Black garlic machine for second gereration, download here,

Creekbay specialized in organic garlic , process garlic,black garlic fermenter. Creekbay (xiao he wan) village is surrounded by a small river, own a 60000sqm farm,¡¡operated by CreekBay Cooperative, mainly plant green food. 2010, organize green food process center, supply black garlic and fresh garlic, also green vegetable.
2012,Creekbay establish first Black Garlic Fermenter research and manufacture center,supply black garlic fermenter all over the world,
   Qingdao Jieruixin.,(Creekbay Black Garlic Market Center) located in the beautiful seaside city - Qingdao, China, professional in export black garlic, black garlic processed product and black garlic fermenter all over the world, with strongly experienced staff members and technical facilities. We can can offer professional service for you,
   Gourmet have been invent following methods for eating: Black Garlic Food, Black Garlic Recipes.

Black Garlic
Black Garlic Powder
Black Garlic Machine
Black Garlic Product Line
Address£ºJindu Garden,Donghai West Road,Shinan,266000,Qingdao, China
Tel£º0086-0530-8108-188 Mob:0086-1586682-8452 E_mail: info@black-garlic.net
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